CEO Cards is the culmination of over 50 years of the combined creative and marketing experience of its founders, Larry and Connie TenBrink. Larry started his career with Hallmark Cards, where he coordinated the efforts of artists and copywriters. Later, he started several marketing and advertising firms. Connie is a skilled creative director, experienced in national brand management. In 2006, they successfully launched CEO Cards during the Holiday season. They and their associates have now expanded the line to include both Holiday and year-round all-occasion business greeting cards.
Our Mission

We started this company because we perceived a need for high quality, original greeting cards created exclusively for business to business communications. Although it's certainly true that some competitive sites offer more cards than we do, many are simply brokering the lines of multiple card manufacturers or focusing on a particular industry. Our approach is to offer only designs that we have created and written ourselves. They are exclusive, offered nowhere else. And they are always professional in appearance and purpose. Perfect for a business individual or company wanting to stand out in the crowd.
In short, we offer:
Messages appropriate for all types of businesses
A variety of B2B sending situations
Original designs
High quality
Great value

If there is anything we can do to assist you with your business communications needs, or if you have any questions about our line, please contact us. It's our line, and we can only succeed if you do.

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